Noise is optional. Quiet is essential…
Ann Lewis

That’s my view, anyway.

Growing up and making my way in the world as an unconscious introvert, I often came up against aspects of myself that seemed to jar with the way other folk operated. Like many introverts, I sometimes felt inadequate around more articulate, extrovert people whose very nature was held up as ‘the way to be’.

Up to half of the population is introverted. Neither introversion nor extroversion is abnormal, though in Western cultures, being extrovert is considered more desirable, and introverts are often encouraged to ‘be more outgoing’. While we do need to understand both temperaments, it’s worth noting that many Eastern cultures value thoughtful, gentle souls.

Introverts aren’t and shouldn’t try to be extraverts. We’re fine as we are, and the world needs both perspectives.

Noise masks insight

I’m coming to appreciate that we all need quietness to some degree. We introverts need periods of quiet to recharge our batteries. We need thinking space before we respond to complex questions and demands, and we tend to dislike noisy parties, open plan offices and small talk. Extraverts thrive in the very situations that drain us.

But we all come up against personal obstacles, setbacks, heartache and mortality. Quiet reflection may be the only route through these times.

In what seems like an increasingly war-torn world, peace thrives under quiet appreciation, gratitude and respect, not in the crash of conflict.

I dream of a world

in which introverts are appreciated and valued just as much as extroverts. For me that means raising awareness of what introversion really is (not shyness or social awkwardness), and helping introverts to thrive.

I work with individuals who want to work out where they’re going, what matters most to them and what they need to function at their best.

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