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Ann Lewis

Ann Lewis

Over the past decade, I’ve coached many quiet professionals in demanding jobs, and I’m on a mission to have quietness valued for itself. It’s time to stop asking quiet folk to be something we’re not, and to celebrate the special strengths a quiet disposition brings.

There are many possible reasons why you have found this site:

You’re probably a quiet soul who’s spent a lifetime feeling at odds with an extrovert world. You might be a working professional, or be on the cusp of a new stage in your life, or perhaps you’re looking for a fulfilling retirement that allows you to go on making a difference.

Perhaps you hate open plan working because the noise and interruptions diminish your effectiveness. And then maybe you’d rather go home than socialise after a long, busy day.

Perhaps you prefer your own company and that of a few close friends. Maybe you know you need time alone to re-energise after being in a crowd. And it’s likely you’d choose a good book over a noisy party.

If many of the above apply, I’ll bet you’re tired of trying to shoehorn yourself into an extrovert personality that doesn’t fit, and you’d love to find a way to navigate your quietness without apologising or pretending.

On the other hand

Perhaps you’re an extrovert and you have quiet colleagues and friends you’d like to understand better. Maybe you secretly hanker after a bit of quietness for yourself.

Somewhere inside, you know there’s wisdom to be tapped if only you could slow down enough. Oh, and you find a bit of humour lightens the load…

We all have a core of inner wisdom that is available to us when our mind is clear. You too can cut through the noise and confusion of everyday overload and allow your wisdom to surface when you need it.


And if you have been knocked off balance

by workplace bullying, stress, overload, or anything else at work that has left you feeling diminished and disconnected, you’ll find inspiration and resources at


What People Say

"Thank you for all your support of the Watts Gallery team. You have done a wonderful job in keeping everyone on board and developing their potential. I feel immensely honoured to work with such a brilliant team, and you have played an important role in their development and growth."
Perdita Hunt, Director, Watts Gallery
"(Coaching) was a superb experience for me at a time when I needed it most… It gave me time to reflect and focus on areas most important for my own development. The coaching relationship needed to be open and real, and it worked."
Paul Young, Chief Executive, Off the Fence Trust