Ann Lewis. Photo by Jane Howard.

Ann Lewis. Photo by Jane Howard.


I've been taking photographs for most of my life. Now I'm retired, photography is my main love. I live on the beautiful Isle of Wight in the UK, which gives me an endless source of subject matter and some fabulous walks on my own or with my husband or other togging friends. And then there's the rest of this wonderful world we live in...

I started out on this new stage of my photo-journey with a project to photograph a year of trees. I still have it in mind, though there have been many distractions to grab my attention. I've developed a love for reflections, water, reeds, our ever-changing coastline and the little details that make life interesting. I love my friends, but as a quiet soul, I find photography a wonderful way to recharge my energy.

My everyday camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 bridge. I chose it for lightness and performance. It has a zoom range that's manageable for hand-held photography, which I prefer, and a one-inch sensor that gives great quality. It also has superb image stabilisation - again, useful for hand-held work, especially when it's what Isle of Wight folk call "blowing a hoolie". I prefer to work with RAW files that preserve all the detail captured by the camera and can be revisited and tweaked.

I also occasionally still use my Canon Digital Ixus when I'm out and about without the Lumix. That reduces those 'wish I had a camera' moments even though it has its limitations.

I take photographs solely for my and your enjoyment, not commercially, I'm learning all the time. I don't claim great technical ability and I love seeing the work of other hobby photographers and professionals. I'll be adding new images here regularly, but only my best ones. Enjoy!

For anyone interested in the back story, I'm a retired leadership coach and former charity sector HR professional. I'm also author of 'Recover Your Balance - how to bounce back from bad times at work', written for anyone who has suffered bullying, overload and other work-related issues. It's available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions and an audio version may be on the cards. There's a website here:

I'm married to Peter, a retired electronics engineer who is interested in video photography.